Fanny Bullets


Not a superhero….my favourite name for progesterone pessaries, one of the things I hate most about IVF treatment.

I,  erm, ‘inserted’ my first one this morning in preparation for the frozen embryo transfer on Wednesday. I’ll be on three bullets a day for the next two weeks. That’s a whopping 1200 mg of progesterone. Is that 1.2g? I think so.

Anyway it’s a lot, and I’m now preparing myself for Mega Bloat and the Constipation Factor, the sidekicks of Fanny Bullets. I’m drinking copious amounts of water and eating oranges. Oranges?! I dunno. I’ll try anything that might keep things moving down there. It’s the worst.  My helpful husband is always keen to suggest prune juice, which is always a great suggestion if you don’t have to drink it yourself. Anyway hopefully it will all be worth it this time around, I will happily drink all the prune juice in London if this works out for us.

5 thoughts on “Fanny Bullets

  1. ivyf15 says:

    Haha fanny bullets. I’m calling mine that from now on. Will see what reaction I get from hubby tonight when I do mine before bed and tell him I’m off to insert my FB.

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