Tomorrow is Defrost Day

Fingers crossed our plucky little embryo makes it through the thawing process in the morning. Apparently only 1 in 10 fails but who knows? Luck hasn’t really been on our side this year.

Anyway like Daley Thompson used to say, POSITIVE MENTAL ATTITUDE. Transfer is scheduled for tomorrow afternoon unless I get an unwanted phone call from the embryologist in the AM. Watch this space.

13 thoughts on “Tomorrow is Defrost Day

  1. kaitinwaiting22 says:

    Sending you loads of luck!! I was a bit thrown off with the whole “thawing” process but my doctor actually told me that for some reason studies recently show this actually helps the embryos and gives your body the right amount of time to “quiet down.” You’ll do great and those embryos will do great! πŸ™‚ Best of luck!


  2. Terrakna says:

    The defrosting worries me as well. I don’t have that many in deep freeze to begin with. I kind of like the thought that any future child started out as an embryosicle. Any time he/she complains about it being cold, I have great come-backs. “Hey! this is nothing compared to your first home.”

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