And then there were 5!

I spent the morning clutching my mobile in my sweaty, eager little hand, willing the embryologist to call. She said she would call in the morning so she called at….11.55am. Erm, thank you for that.

Anyway good news – 5 out of 6 eggs were mature and all 5 successfully fertilised. What a relief! I’m pleased. I know we still have a long way to go but this is a weight off my mind. The ICSI situation threw me off balance yesterday – now I feel hopeful again.

I have decided to skip my Thursday lunchtime yoga class today as I feel like I’ve been pummelled in the stomach – or maybe karate kicked by a midget. I’m still sore and bloated so no downward dog for me today. It’s a shame as I LOVE yoga and I feel like it has really helped me through the last 12 months of fertility hell, but I think I need 24 hours of taking it easy. I’ll make up for it in a day or two.

Egg transfer is scheduled for Monday (day 5), fingers crossed our 5 little embryos keep growing until then.

8 thoughts on “And then there were 5!

  1. thegreatpuddingclubhunt says:

    Yippeeeee 5 is great, I’ve got lots of hope for you that these little ones stay strong.

    I love yoga too as a therapy of body and mind, I’m so glad I discovered it! I’m sorry you are too sore for it today, hope you feel better very soon 😊


  2. notabroodychick says:

    Yay! You will avoid yoga in the 2ww though right and just take it easy? I have massively cut back on all exercise until I get to 12 weeks, just walking and the odd yoga/Pilates gentle moves but avoiding anything that twists the belly. I’m so misdoings running and swimming and cycling and full Pilates classes though!


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