In Madrid

….our first appointment with the donor egg clinic is tomorrow. Strangely nervous – I’ve been eyeing up all the young women in the neighbourhood wondering which one could be ‘the one’. Definitely more Penelope Cruz -a-likes than pale English roses but that’s fine by me.

Anyway, more tomorrow. For now we are enjoying the 26c sunshine, the tapas and the cerveza. Hasta maรฑana.

5 thoughts on “In Madrid

  1. Haisla says:

    I’m a bit late to the party, but hope all went well at your appointment!! And sunshine, tapas and Cerveza sound like a fair way to spend one’s time. When in Spain.., eh!?xx


  2. Lauren & Sarah says:

    Just came accross your blog and wanted to wish you every single success in your donor egg cycle. We egg shared for our IVF cycle and I am so so glad we did. I really hope you become parents soon xxx


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