Normal FISH

Our Spanish donor egg clinic insisted that DHs sperm be ‘FISH tested’ – basically something involving fluorescence and DNA. We were worried about this because A. Hardly any UK clinics bother with it and B. If it came back positive, could it have been to blame for our last 5 miserably failed cycles? Is this clinic trying to frame us for a side helping of PGD?

Anyway. We handed over 500 euros and went for it. I also had a blood test for toxoplasmosis – 10 euros – bargain. I have a vague recollection that toxoplasmosis has something to do with cat shite.

Everything came back negative today – normal fish, no cat disease. All good. I guess they aren’t trying to fleece us, they just want to make sure we have a full MOT before getting on the donor bus. Ok then.

One thought on “Normal FISH

  1. peanutpotter says:

    I find the whole thing amazing, but also very strange. Although I am seeing a different side to the process as a donor, the whole thing sort of blows me away. The amount of testing and screening, I know things about my body I’d have never seen before. It’s incredible what they can do and test for and what is important. I can understand why you find it strange x


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