9dp5dt – Doctor Google will see you now

The last 24 hours have been pants. I slept badly – mad progesterone dreams, cramps (real or dream cramps, I do not know) and hot flushes (perhaps caused by my mum’s central heating system or my internal heating system, I also do not know). Gross TMI alert – I’ve also been having some pinkish/brown spotting, mainly noticeable at fanny bullet time. I’m worried. It really does feel like my period is on its way. Anyway I am now on obsessive knicker watch which is really not good for one’s mental health, especially when one is still staying at one’s mother’s house.

Looking forward to getting back home to London soon so I can pee on a stick in the privacy of my own bathroom on Thursday morning. I’m pretty convinced that this cycle hasn’t worked out. I know my body and I’ve been here 5 times before….signs are not good. I’m terrified at the prospect of more bad news.

Obviously I have been madly Googling ‘9d5dt’, ‘spotting’, ‘dreams’ and all the usual palaver. If you are reading this blog because you Googled something similar please rest assured that you WILL find BFP/BFN news on this site very soon. Seriously folks, what is wrong with people who post symptoms/questions/worries on forums and blogs and DON’T close the loop?! I need to know if ‘Babydust77’ got a BFP after her 9dp5dt brown discharge and cramps! I need to know if ‘Stickyvibesgirl’ got a BFP after experiencing bleeding and bad dreams! As all obsessive IVF Googlers know, living vicariously through the lives of others is the only way to get through the 2ww….

11 thoughts on “9dp5dt – Doctor Google will see you now

  1. PCOS To Mommy says:

    I hear ya! Definitely glad you will let us all know πŸ™‚ hoping for the best!
    With my IVF rounds I had spotting before my 9dp5dt…and my dr said that it was implantation bleeding! So I hope that’s the same for you! The norm for my dr’s tests was 9dp5dt, the only time we ever waited till 10dp5dt was if the 9 days landed on a Sunday. So I’m sure you can test at any time now! Praying for your BFP!!

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  2. jemccudden says:

    As an update from yesterday, I decided to test one day early (they wanted me to test 10dp5dt) and it’s positive! I was crying as I did the test because I ‘knew’ it would be negative…..and it was positive!!!! I took a photo of it so that I could keep looking at it to prove I hadn’t imagined it lol.

    Last time I had a positive was about 6 months ago and I had a missed miscarraige, with nothing on the 6 week scan :(. That’s the next thing to worry about now!

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