World’s Fastest Beta Test?

I emailed our doctor the news of the HPT this morning around 7.45am – he replied by 8.00am – feel free to come in for a Blood test ASAP – we were at the hospital by 9.10am – out by 9.30am.

Got the results at 12pm.

860! Yikes!

Sounds like a good number to me. He has now instructed me to relax, stop obsessing, continue taking the meds and come for a scan in mid-to-late January, around the 6-7 week mark.

What a MAD DAY.

17 thoughts on “World’s Fastest Beta Test?

  1. Courtney says:

    Excellent beta!

    Man alive, they’re relaxed over there! My RE would have a 6w4d ultrasound scheduled by now and a second beta for 48 hours from now. Reading this, I think your REs way is better. The US way is so stressful!


  2. Emma says:

    Congrats! I knew it! You can compare your beta on, if you want. Or you can just chill out and feel good for a while, and try not to compare yourself to everyone else. 🙂 welcome to pregnancy. It’s a whole new rollercoaster but it’s got a lot more ups!

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  3. Emma says:

    One suggestion – have your scan at 7 weeks if you can. Yes, it’s a week more to wait, but it’s conclusive by then, no confusion around whether or not there’s a heartbeat, etc.


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