5 weeks (still) pregnant

I caved into paranoia and madwoman-itis this morning and went for another blood test. It was a secret blood test, done in a furtive manner at a ‘secret’ clinic without the knowledge of my doctor. He is normal and not at all mad/paranoid so I knew he wouldn’t agree to a 2nd beta. He didn’t even agree to the 1st one really.

Anyway…drum roll please….5460 HCG.

Today I am exactly 5 weeks by weird pregnancy reckoning (they add on 2 weeks pre-transfer), or if you prefer, 21 DPO, 16dp5dt.

5460 is a pretty high number.  According to BetaBase it’s in the ‘twins’ range and a few of my dear readers have also mentioned this. I have to say, the T word fills me with dread. Other people (my doctor included), say the HCG number is meaningless and indicates nothing. I think I prefer those people.

I’m going to stay away from the secret clinics for the next few weeks. First scan will be in week 7 (w/c 18 January) so let’s hope I make it that far.Hopefully the scan will reveal all.

In the meantime I will try to stay pregnant. I feel pretty good really – a few headaches (don’t normally get those) and very thirsty. ‘Dry January’ is an excellent cover story for my current booze dodging too, rather well timed!


13 thoughts on “5 weeks (still) pregnant

  1. Courtney says:

    Great beta! I know you’re not wanting twins, but the idea creeps in. A word of caution, just view it as a singleton. I had a super high first and second beta and was sure it was twins, got used to the idea, even excited, then saw we lost one way early and it was hard. Same thing happened to a friend just now. Think singleton!!! I hate when others read into betas for other people… Can set you up for disappointment, or in your case, create anxiety over things. 😉

    You’ll make it to your first scan…. And delivery!


  2. mrsporterandco says:

    My five week beta was 13,475 and they told me it was “just okay” so I freaked until I spoke to a second doctor who said it was a great number.

    I 100% just have one baby in there though 🙂

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