The Hangrover – 6+4 weeks

I’m pretty sure I’m still pregnant. The bleeding has subsided to the occasional beige blot (sorry) and I am feeling …strange. To a serial non-pregnant person like myself, it feels great.

Basically I am ‘hangrover ‘. I feel hungover and hangry rolled into one. Nauseous, headachey, grouchy, tired and starving. And I love it. I will never complain about a pregnancy symptom (well, not for the first few months at least…those 3rd trimester hemorrhoids do not sound good).

Anyway I am snuffling through my days like a hungry Labrador, leaving a trail of crumbs in my wake. Eating makes the nausea go away, so I am eating. And it is good.

Week 7 scan is happening on Monday. I’m very nervous but I’m trying to stay positive. I am hangrover, I am tired, I have great big boobs. These are good signs. Statistically, things are more likely to be fine than not fine. Fingers crossed.

10 thoughts on “The Hangrover – 6+4 weeks

  1. thegreatpuddingclubhunt says:

    Hangrover- great word!!! It is good that the bleeding has subsided and you can feel the symptoms too, everything is sounding good for Monday, I have my fingers crossed for you that everything goes well and you hear those little hearts 🙂


    • Babyscienceproject says:

      Thank you – I’m really trying to think positive about Monday. Wish I could get it over and done with today! Oh well – I guess this is what the next 7 months will (hopefully) feel like – lots of waiting and stressing.


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