6+6 weeks – another weekend, another panic

Pretty miserable 24 hours here in London. Horrified to discover fresh, red blood during a casual bathroom visit yesterday evening. Cue panic. Again.

I called our fabulous doctor and he advised me to A. Do nothing until he could do a scan today (Sunday) or B. Go to A&E if it was very bad/heavy. Well, I did what any self respecting panic merchant would do and went straight to A&E. I was distraught. I was utterly convinced that it was over – the bleeding was pretty heavy and I had quite dull ovarian pain on both sides.

The staff in the hospital were lovely and husband and I were shown to a private room pretty much straight away. They did a urine test (fine) and then various blood tests. And then we waited….and waited….and waited…. It didn’t take long to realise that we’d made a mistake. Why was I subjecting myself to a miscarriage in a harshly lit emergency room? Why wasn’t I tucked up in bed, dealing with this privately?

Anyway, after several grim hours the blood results came back. All fine. HCG of 127,000 (!?). Nobody available to do an internal ultrasound until Monday. They recommended I see our doctor for a scan ASAP. We headed home in the dark, owners of a massive HCG but still none the wiser about what was happening.

By this morning the bleeding had stopped. Even though this gave me a bit of renewed hope I was horribly anxious on the way to the hospital – had I miscarried one twin? Both? Why the f*ck is this happening? Anyway I will keep you in suspense no longer…..fine. The babies are FINE. Unbelievably, despite all the bleeding, there they were on the ultrasound. 2 blobs, 2 heartbeats, 2 sacs. Both exactly the right size for 6+6 weeks. Like….totally, utterly, completely fine.

He couldn’t see any haematomas or clots on the scan. Basically, the bleeding remains’unexplained’. It’s terrifying and stressful and I hate it. He has instructed me to take it easy for the next few days, until the bleeding completely stops. He is also going to refer me to an Obstetrician who specialises in twins, bleeding and all that stuff. 

It’s good news and I’m relieved and delighted. Mentally I feel like I’ve been pummelled by Mike Tyson. I’m so grateful to still be pregnant. I just hope I don’t have to deal with this every weekend for the next 7 months. 🤕

21 thoughts on “6+6 weeks – another weekend, another panic

  1. Emma says:

    You poor thing. Must be so stressful. I found the hospitals were useless when I actually did miscarry – you can’t get a scan. You are much better off having a good private OB who will scan you whenever you need it. That’s why I am going private with my OB for these twins I am carrying now. If I have bleeding (which thankfully I have not), I would wait to see my OB as soon as he opens.

    I really hope the bleeding stops for you. I do know of plenty of women who bled and had healthy babies though, so try to be hopeful. Your HCG levels are sky high! My last measurement with these twins was 119 000 at 8.5 weeks. I stopped checking after that as it plateaus around 9-10 weeks and I didn’t want the stress of thinking somehting was wrong.

    I hired a fetal doppler and was able to locate one heartbeat (after a 10 minute practice) at 9.5 weeks. By 10.5 weeks I was able to find both of their little heartbeats. How wonderful!


    • Babyscienceproject says:

      Thanks – I think I’ve definitely learned my lesson about A&E. Should have just waited to see our doc first thing on Sun morning. Oh well, if/when it happens again I’ll know what to do. Hopefully the new OB can cast some light on the ‘unexplained bleeding’, it’s crap. Things are never straight forward, right!?!


    • Supportive observer! says:

      Loving your blog. Thanks so much for sharing!

      I was due to test for an own-egg ET on the same day as you were due to test after your DE cycle. It was our fourth IVF cycle and, we’d really decided, the last (well, of course we’d decided that the third was the last but… you know). It didn’t work out for us but somehow I’m finding your success so far so exciting! I think I’m vicariously sharing your pregnancy. I guess that’s the point of blogs!

      I’ve never followed a blog before but the date coincidence made me happen to find you and I just thought I’d write to say that I’m rooting for you. When you got your +ve and I got my -ve, I thought I’d stop reading (why torment yourself, right?!) but it’s exciting to see things developing for you – I’m finding it surprisingly positive to see your ups and downs (OK, the downs aren’t positive for anyone, least of all you, of course, but it’s brilliant when they turn into ups). It’s weirdly comforting to know that someone had the elusive “BFP” on that day and that things are progressing, even if it wasn’t me.

      I hope all the bleeding settles down so that you can really enjoy this thing that you’ve worked so hard for.

      We have to decide whether we’re going to go down the DE route so, apart from sentimentality and stuff mentioned above, it’s really helpful to see how your experience with it is going, as we think about our future. Thanks for taking the time, then, to share your experience.

      I have EVERYTHING so completely crossed for you! GOOD LUCK!!

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      • Babyscienceproject says:

        Thank you so much for the nice comment – don’t give up! It will happen for you. DE made complete sense for us…after 5 failed cycles there was clearly something wrong with my eggs. First cycle with nice, young donor eggs and….boom. It took me some time to come to terms with the loss of my ‘own’ baby but frankly, I haven’t given it a moments thought since then. These babies feel 100% mine. Anyway I wish you the very best of luck with whatever you decide to do next. Stay strong!


  2. Courtney says:

    I never experienced bleeding while pregnant so I can only imagine the panic and fear. I would have freaked out – I know that much.

    I’m glad all is well! I can honestly say, reading these posts of you newly pregnant gals makes me so glad I’m done with this baby making business – it’s stressful!


  3. Haisla says:

    I’m so sorry to hear that you had to go through that!! How horrendous. So glad to hear babas are fine, though. May the rest of your pregnancy be as uneventful as possible!!!xx

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  4. the longest road says:

    Early pregnancy is so stressful. There were definitely times I wanted a g&t. So glad the babies are doing well. Stay away from A&E. I think it causes way more stress just sitting around waiting and then nothing happens. Again, your OB sounds so great. Thank goodness for that.


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