BLEEDCON 1 – 7+3 weeks pregnant

Thanks to doctor’s orders I enjoyed a ‘restful’* three days at home this week and only returned to the office this morning. Guess what also returned? The bleeding.

I feel strangely ok about it. It’s not too heavy and it’s mainly brown (I apologise to all the delicate flowers out there. This is what IVF does to a person. You become desensitized to gross, personal things like brown vaginal bleeding).

I don’t have any pain. I still have humungaboobs (thanks to Zara for that excellent word) and I am still nauseous. I do believe I am still pregnant.

I just feel sad that bleeding is going to be an ongoing part of  this pregnancy.  It’s stressful, scary and I feel like I’m on DEFCON 1 alert. Let’s rename it BLEEDCON 1 for comedy value. I spoke to our doctor this morning and explained the situation. I don’t want to panic anymore, I don’t want to go back to A&E and I also don’t want to keep pestering the poor man. So I pitched him my idea – I am going to carry on as normal (ie, ignore the bleeding) until my next scan, which is the end of next week.

Obviously I need to call him urgently if the bleeding becomes really heavy or I’m in pain. In the interim though I am going to grin and bear it. I’m going to keep calm and carry on. I’m going to think positive – I’ll trudge my way to the end of next week and have a completely normal 8+3 week scan.

I’m also going to try my best to rest. It’s not easy for me – I walk everywhere (I usually manage to rack up about 15 km per day) and I love yoga and running. I’m not going to do any of those things, even though I have been stuffing my face for the last 10 days and am yearning to burn off some calories. I’m battling years and years of inbuilt programming to force myself to DO ZERO and EAT LOADS. Luckily I have mainly been craving nuts, fruit and complex carbs like jacket potatoes and baked beans. MMMMM baked beans, lovely lovely lovely baked beans.

Where was I? OK – so for mental health reasons I am going to ignore the bleeding and carry on with my life. I am also going to take it easy where possible. I am going to make it to the next scan and everything will be fine. This is my manifesto.


* I am a poor rester. I actually went to the supermarket and did lots of work at home.




15 thoughts on “BLEEDCON 1 – 7+3 weeks pregnant

  1. lulujean111 says:

    I just wanted to share that our surrogate had the same thing early in the pregnancy, but it went away — and on Friday we’ll be at 28 weeks. So, I can’t imagine not being able to think of anything else – but try to believe it’ll be ok. Good luck with the resting – I spent a few weeks on bed rest when I myself was pregnant, weirdly I started to enjoy it.

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      • lulujean111 says:

        From what I’ve read , it does. Still stressful regardless. I’ve finally become relaxed and confident this pregnancy will “really” result in a child ! So now it’s all about getting everything ready ! All very exciting. Miracles DO happen. Best of luck, I’ll be following your progress.

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  2. The EcoFeminist says:

    aw dang and that’s supposed to be the one thing you’re not supposed to deal with while pregnant! glad everything is going well and i’m like you, as soon as they tell me to rest that means i must find SOMEthing to do hahaha… well if you haven’t tried it, check out the Mindfulness app – it’s on Android and I’m sure it’s on iPhone as well, but the 3 minute meditations are soooo great 🙂


  3. Emma says:

    Good attitude, but you really should try to rest a bit. Not bed rest, just move a bit less. Good luck with the 8 weeks scan. The first trimester is the worst! 2nd trimester is bliss compared to it 🙂


  4. shellstalle says:

    As if you haven’t had enough drama! I didn’t think many people could top my tale of 11 IVF cycles to get success (although admittedly 11 IVF cycles for secondary would be considered not as bad as someone suffering primary infertility). But you seem to have well outdone me – repeated OE failures, finally getting success with donor C, but now even your pregnancy is trying you. I found it difficult enough to relax and believe that I was pregnant with no bleeding, let alone what you are going through!


    • Babyscienceproject says:

      Hi Shellster! I hope everything is good with you. Yep, it seems I am doomed to poor luck with everything uterus related. Hopefully things will improve if I make it to the 2nd trimester, it’s all very stressful x


  5. mrsporterandco says:

    I bled at five, seven and nine weeks. I’ve got a Doppler now and heard heartbeat for the last two nights so feel much more reassured even with the bleeding. Hope it works out ok for you.


    • Babyscienceproject says:

      thank you – I had another scan today and everything is ok, even though I am now bleeding red blood again. Doctor has instructed me to rest for a few days. I can’t rest forever though…i have to go back to work at some point. It’s really tough. Did you just try to carry on with normal life despite the bleeding?


  6. Nara says:

    Ahhh, that must be so scary! I giggled a little bit at humungaboobs (not looking forward to those for our next cycle!). I hope that the bleeding stops soon and you can settle in to enjoying your pregnancy! X


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