9+5 weeks pregnant – to move or not to move

We met our new obstetrician yesterday and he is  – NICE! Of course he’s nice. I think I had a progestodream* that he’d be bossy/arrogant/dismissive but I was completely wrong. He’s lovely and inspires complete confidence. Within a matter of minutes I was oversharing about my brown bleeding and constipation. Must be love.

Here are some of the things we learnt:

  • It’s very likely that I’ll need a C section – mainly due to twins, ongoing bleeding and my previous bowel surgeries
  • My official 40 week due date is 5th September, but most twins are born at 38 weeks or even before….so probably early/mid August in my case
  • As this is classed as a ‘high risk’ pregnancy I’ll need scans every couple of weeks and regular checks for pre-eclampsia and other nasties
  • The bowel surgery I’ve had for Crohn’s Disease means I’ll most likely need B12 injections and checks to make sure the twins are getting enough nutrients
  • As I have B negative blood, and my husband and the donor both have RhD positive blood, I’ll probably need an ‘Anti D’ injection soon. Especially because of the bleeding.

He did a quick ultrasound scan (my first abdominal one) and the babies are both looking good with strong heartbeats. Unfortunately the frigging SCH (sub-chorionic hemorrhage) is also still there. It’s like a pantomime villain – it pops up in every single scan. ‘It’s behind you!’ etc etc.

Anyway, he seemed relatively unconcerned with the SCH. The settee rest has certainly helped – when I’m doing nothing around the house the bleeding goes away. However it pops up again as soon as I walk anywhere….in the hospital yesterday, to the corner shop this morning. It’s brown blood but more than just spotting. Ladies who bleed – what did you do? Did you go back to work and try to get on with your life? Or did you ‘rest’ for weeks and weeks?

Our obstetrician says there is no evidence that bed rest helps. I’ve found people online who think it’s best to let the SCH ‘bleed out’, and there are others who think that rest is best. I have an understanding employer but I need to get back to work sooner or later. I have an office job so I think I’ll be ok….I’m planning to go back to work on Monday and just stay off my feet as much as possible. Obviously I’ll call him if the bleeding becomes red/heavy. Any advice welcome here. The bleeding is terrifying but it seems unavoidable.

Here’s the best thing of all….the icing on the cake….the cherry on top. He sympathised about the bleeding and we explained that it has certainly sucked, and we’re just desperate to make it to 12 weeks. He said ‘of course you’ll get past 12 weeks’. What? Nobody has said this to us thus far. A small comment but it gives us massive hope. Everything – apart from the bleeding – is looking good. For the first time I’m allowing myself to feel a bit optimistic about this pregnancy.

*Progestodream – weird, vivid, psychedelic dreams caused by progesterone supplements.






18 thoughts on “9+5 weeks pregnant – to move or not to move

  1. TryTryAgain says:

    Bless you, I remember those days all too well!! I’m sorry you’re going through this, it’s horrid. I had a small bleed at 6 weeks, just carried on as normal. I then had a massive bleed at 10 weeks and rested for a couple of days after, then like you just had brown blood for a couple of weeks. Docs monitored the pantomime villain bleed (such a good description!) and I had another big bleed at 12 weeks. Then after that it just tapered off to brown blood for about another 2-3 weeks.

    I know exactly what you mean – when I woke up in the morning there was nothing, but then as I moved around more brown blood would come. Ugh. My doctor was very against bed rest, he said that as long as it was brown (old) blood, then not to worry, as it was just making its way out from the original bleed. But I definitely took it a bit easier than I would have done, I think it’s only natural to want to take it steady when this is happening. The docs are keeping a close eye on you and the babies which is the most important thing, it’s just a waiting game I found, and not a very fun one at all.

    I really hope all works out well and that the pantomime villain clears off very soon. I’m 25+2 now and having to take it easy because of cervix issues now – the waiting games never stop!! Happy to help with any questions though if it helps xxx

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    • Babyscienceproject says:

      Thank you – sounds like we have similar issues with evil bleeds! I’m going to go back to the office Monday and see how I get on. I think if I sit down as much as possible and minimise walking to/from work I think I’ll be ok. It’s hideous really – brown blood, red blood, any blood. Glad to hear everything is going well for you now, gives me hope!

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      • TryTryAgain says:

        Yep, it’s definitely a very tricky time. Not nice. Good that you’re back at the docs on Monday, always helps to see what’s going on.

        I think you’re right, just do what you have to and rest where you can. Hoping for lots more good news from you in the future ๐Ÿ™‚ xx

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  2. lifebeyondmommy says:

    I am so glad to hear that all is well. I will certainly keep you guys in my prayers. I can see you are a very strong person. Faith is a very strong thing to have. It sounds like your dr. Is wonderful and you are in great hands.

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  3. The EcoFeminist says:

    I love your OB! My RE is very similar to that (and creepily kind of looks like the Pope as well, hmm). We were talking about how some places grade embryos in a million categories and he’s like, pshaw!, it’s so subjective, we just do A/B/C. Good, average, bad. He has made very few suggestions – just take it easy the day of the transfer, don’t have sex for a few days, then go about your life ๐Ÿ™‚


    • Babyscienceproject says:

      Yep, the embryo ‘grading’ really messed with my head at our last transfer. In the previous 5 cycles I had no idea how good the embryos were, only that they were ‘good’. Then I was faced with 5AB, 5BB, 5 whatever, and all the ensuing neurosis. It’s a completely pointless exercise. I like the sound of your RE, sounds like my kind of guy.

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  4. workingwomensivf says:

    My OB recommended the following. Bed rest for 24-48hrs after a big red bleed but the I could go back to work but no exercise , no climbing more than one flight of stairs , pelvic rest ( hubby is very frustrated by this one as we are 4.5 months in and still no loving) nothing that involves pushing or pulling eg. Vacuuming. I have been bleed free for 5 weeks and spot free for 2 no sign of SCH on 20 week scan so we are hoping these restrictions will be lifted at our next appointment.


  5. Haisla says:

    It sounds like you’re doing the right thing – resuming normal life, but taking it easy. I think all you can do is listen to your body and slow right down if need be. I’ll be thinking about you today.xx


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