First Trimester, aka, There Will be Blood

Today I am 12 weeks and 1 day pregnant, which means I can almost wave goodbye to the first trimester. Yeah! Farewell first trimester, you terrifying, bloody nightmare!

We had our ‘Nuchal Translucency’ scan yesterday and I’m happy to report that everything is fine. Our twins have a 1 in 10,000 chance of having Downs or a similar chromosomal condition (muchas gracias, 21 year old donor) and both little dudes have the correct number of brains, arms, legs, noses, livers and hearts.

So, can I relax a bit now? Well yes, a bit. Statistically, our chances of miscarriage have significantly decreased now we’ve made it to week 12. However the bleeding is still there – a little bit every now and again – just enough to say ‘gotcha!’ every time I start to relax and feel blase. I’m still on knicker watch 24/7 but I think that’s just the way it’s going to be for the next 30 weeks or so. Well, it couldn’t just be easy could it? Nah. That’s life.

We have a meeting with our obstetrician, Dr K, tonight. I’m going to ask him if I can lighten up on the ‘pelvic rest’ a  bit now. I’d love to go back to yoga and hopefully be able to walk more than 20 minutes a day. I’m pretty sure husband would enjoy a bit of pelvic-action but I have a feeling that might be the last thing to go. Sorry husband.

I’ve been wondering what to do with this blog. I started it as a place to track my infertility progress (I refuse to say ‘journey’ even though I just said it). I know it must  be tough for some of my fellow IF’ers to read about my pregnancy. Personally I always felt glad when someone ‘won’ their battle and was curious to see what happened next, but I know that doesn’t apply to everyone. Infertility is a cruel mistress and I’m well aware that we just happened to get lucky – I’ve given up on the science of it all. Anyway, I’ve decided to keep this blog going in case there are people out there  interested in:

  • Donor egg pregnancy
  • Twin pregnancy
  • Pregnancy after 5 long, failed cycles of IVF
  • Pregnancy at the ‘geriatric mother’ age of 38
  • Pregnancy with Crohn’s Disease
  • A Mancunian/Maori pregnancy in a small flat in  London (haha)




13 thoughts on “First Trimester, aka, There Will be Blood

  1. The EcoFeminist says:

    You are the only pregnant person in following because you have written this blog with a ton of humor and a ton of respect for those still going through the battle, and I thank you for that as we prepare for our third round of donor egg IVF.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Emma says:

    Im following and enthralled! Keep the blog 🙂 anyone who doesn’t want to follow doesn’t have to. You are interesting in every aspect of your life, not just infertility.


  3. EmilyMaine says:

    I’m interested and would love to keep reading. Of course, I am pregnant too now so it is easier for me to make that choice than it is for some others for sure. I loved you description of the first trimester – so freaking accurate! It IS a terrifying bloody nightmare. Hope that bleeding eases off for you. I hear it is more common with twinnies so that is a bummer but also good it is relatively “normal” X

    Liked by 1 person

  4. occasionaloutcry says:

    Yes, keep going! It’s lovely to hear about the happy days at the end of an infertility non-journey. Besides, positive stories provide a bit of relief in the sea of uncertainty, tears and frustration out there (no offence to anyone intended!!! My own sad little blog included!!!). All the best, your body is doing an amazing thing xx

    Liked by 1 person

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