19+3 weeks – Hungry and Cervical Helmets


Here’s a 19 week update from twin pregnancy towers – London branch.

I’m growing. I’m growing BIG. Some of this is related  to the two 6 inch humans resident inside me and some is related the amount of food I am eating (or thinking about eating….all….day…..long). It’s ridiculous. I’ve never been so hungry in my life. When I’m eating I’m thinking about what to eat next. There is nothing I will not eat. Nothing! Mmm, now I’m thinking about food again. Some toast would be nice. Lovely, lovely hot buttered toast. Yay for food.

I haven’t weighed myself so I have no idea how much I’ve stacked on but I can tell you that my waist was 27 inches in December. That waist has now completely disappeared and been replaced by a 38 inch road bump.

In the words of Mike Myers, GET IN MAH BELLY!

What else is happening? Well, my cervix is a bit short. It was 35mm two weeks ago and it was 32mm on Monday. That’s not a great number, particularly for a relatively small person who is only 19 weeks pregnant. Anything under 35mm is worrisome and can point towards pre-term delivery. However the good news is that my fibronectin number is very low, only 1/500. This is a very good sign, despite the shortening cervix.

So… my doctor decided to err on the side of caution and insert an ‘arabin pessary’ to help keep my cervix closed. Sounds exotic doesn’t it? It isn’t. He described it as a ‘lot like an old fashioned diaphragm’. I nodded wisely, picturing (for some reason) a rolled up condom. Fact is, I’m a 38 year old modern-day person living in 2016 so I have no idea what a diaphragm looks like. So, I was a little shocked when he produced a bright blue rubber ring that looked like the end of a plunger –  about 10cm across and 5cm deep. Yeah…not really like a rolled up condom.

Anyway he kindly let me know that he would ‘fold it in half’ before ‘popping it up there’, which I thought was nice.

He popped it up there and it was fine. I can’t feel it. It needs to stay in until I deliver the babies. The magic number is 28 weeks (when early babies have the best chance of survival), but I am determined to bake them until 37 weeks. Come on cervix, you can do it!! Especially now you have your arabin hard hat on!!

pessary 3

12 thoughts on “19+3 weeks – Hungry and Cervical Helmets

  1. TryTryAgain says:

    Sorry to hear about the cervix situation, I’ve been there myself. Mine was 2.7cm at 23+4 weeks, so I was put on bed rest to see if that helped. I’m now 34+5 weeks and baby is still cooking so it can definitely be done! Hopefully your new little blue rubber friend will do the trick and the babies will keep on growing nicely 🙂 xxx

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      • TryTryAgain says:

        Thanks! You’re absolutely right – if they catch it early then they’ll keep a very close eye on you and be able to step in if needed, especially as you’re having twins. Hopefully you’ll be fine now that you’ve had some help 🙂 xx

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  2. the longest road says:

    Oh man, I remember eating a plate of big fluffy American pancakes and then immediately needed a sandwich and some fruit. With all the carbs I ate, it’s a miracle I didn’t give birth to a loaf of bread. Glad they caught the shortened cervix early.


  3. Emma says:

    Good luck with the making it to 37 weeks thing 🙂 That’s the big aim with twins. I am nearly 33 weeks and just beginning to breathe a little easier. We had everything ready to go by 30 weeks in case. Hospital bag packed, bubs beds made, all of that. Hope you can make it, but good to be prepared 🙂

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  4. Blocksta says:

    Hi there

    Just want to say I’m so glad I’ve come across your blog.

    I’m currently at 8dp5dt of 2 grade a hatching blasto’s. I have no symptoms other than a little tugging. on my left side . Made me laugh, I noted you had a spot on your chin around this time and I have too.

    I have tested using the cheap Amazin tests and they’ve come out negative but I have a twin pack FRER which I’m scared to use incase they are negative also.

    I’m really hoping they are rubbish tests and it’s too soon.

    This is our 3rd and final go so really hoping it works but at the moment I’m not feeling very positive.

    Thanks for posting your blog and good luck with the birth of your twins.

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    • Babyscienceproject says:

      Good luck to you! I stopped ‘symptom spotting’ a long time ago – I preferred to wait until I could be sure of a definite yes/no and then use an FRER. Waiting is horrible. Fingers crossed things work out for you.


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