The myth and misappropriation of the ‘biological clock’

Great long read article in The Guardian today on the ‘Foul Reign of the Biological Clock’. The term was applied to female fertility in the late 70s (by way of a single newspaper article) and has been manipulated and misused ever since.

There’s so much bogus bad science related to IVF and infertility. Why does nobody talk about age-related male infertility?  Why aren’t men pressured to freeze their sperm in the same way that women are encouraged to do so with their eggs? How has infertility become linked to selfish ‘career women’ and women desperate to ‘have it all’?

Anyway, good article. Made me annoyed, sad and depressed all rolled into one.

3 thoughts on “The myth and misappropriation of the ‘biological clock’

  1. The EcoFeminist says:

    oh hell yeah…i’m not done reading it but had to say oh hell yeah after the first two paragraphs…i keep thinking all the shit that janet jackson is getting for being pregnant at 49 and a blogger (who i don’t follow) who got nasty about a woman being “allowed” to get pregnant in her 40s/50s….and you know no one says a damn thing about old dudes becoming fathers that late, or later!

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  2. Nara says:

    Lots of things annoy me when I read the Guardian (or the DM, which I read for balance!). Mainly that the media put all the “blame” on the woman, but not on men for not wanting to settle down and have kids, etc. It just puts so much pressure on women.

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  3. wonkygenes says:

    Yeah I saw that. I generally agree with most of it but I feel pretty frustrated that the option to plan when to have children isn’t available to me. Anyway…back to the yoga. X


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