23 weeks – big foot

I’m learning a few things about pregnancy they don’t tell you in the movies:

  • My feet have got bigger. Why? Who knows but I am developing sausage feet. Birkenstocks are my new friend – I have decided they are appropriate for work, home, weekends, shopping, going out, staying in, basically all aspects of life.
  • ‘Restless leg syndrome’ is a thing. Unfortunately I have that thing and it is keeping me awake at night like a mad, twitching lunatic.
  • I have dropped a few IQ points. Today I panicked at the cash point because I realised I had lost my bank card. Guess where it was? Inside the cash machine. Where I had put it 5 seconds beforehand.
  • Having a massive belly and humungaboobs hurts your back.

Anyway aside from all of the above I am feeling good. Had another cervical scan this week and my rubber ring/pessary is doing its job. Cervix is still 27mm which is short, but it’s not getting any worse. Ha! In your face, cervix! You cannot defeat my giant bright blue rubber friend.

Speaking of enormous, check me out. The horizontal stripes probably don’t help.

I still can’t quite believe we’ve made it to 23 weeks. This is really happening. The doc says we need to get to 28 weeks which is ONLY 5 MORE WEEKS. Obviously I’m determined to get to 37 weeks or thereabouts but I guess it’s time to get serious and buy a pram and stuff. There will be no Pinterest nursery mood boards from this blogger – our twins will be sharing a cot in the corner of our room until they are 16 or something. Space is at a premium in London, folks 😐

On the non-baby front my husband and I spent a fantastic weekend in Amsterdam last week. The weather was fab (27c) and we had a lovely time wandering around the canals and eating great food. Unfortunately we had to forgo bikes due to my dodgy centre of gravity but it was still nice. Check it out:

22 thoughts on “23 weeks – big foot

  1. Nara says:

    Aww, you look fab and so does Amsterdam! Who knew about the feet?! Oh and I’m totally with you on London space. If we ever make it that far, our baby is going to be stuck on a mezzanine until s/he gets mobile and then we will have to cage in the mezzanine! Ha!

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  2. sbear2014 says:

    The feet! My feet grew a whole size larger during pregnancy. Not to mention the swelling in the second half of the pregnancy, but 8 months post partum, I still require an 8 1/2 shoe when I wore a 7 1/2 beforehand. But if it’s just swelling, that is just temporary, although uncomfortable!

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  3. EmilyMaine says:

    Looks gorgeous! I have baby’s cot in the corner of our room. Setting up a nursery seems pointless when she isn’t going to sleep there for awhile! Plus we need our spare room as a spare for awhile yet as we don’t live local to any of our family etc. You are looking fabulous! Tick those weeks off. It is happening!! Xx


  4. The EcoFeminist says:

    Gorgeous photos! Yeah a friend of mine got the baby box, that cardboard box thing that all the moms get in Finland… I’m so glad you’re not discussing layettes (sp?) & all that! If it ends up happening for us the kids got a space right next to the printer in my office lol…

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