32+ 4 weeks bumpity bumpe

Can’t quite believe we’ve made it to 32 weeks but here we are…all three of us squeezed inside one body. Isn’t nature amazing?

Baby one (formerly known as Richie McCaw) is currently feet down, head up in the bottom left hand section of my bump. Baby two (Big Val) is lying horizontally under my right boob, wedged against my poor diaphragm. So….one breech baby, one ‘transverse’. It’s a good thing they are both coming out the sunroof as neither is in the right position for a ‘regular’ birth and they are unlikely to move now. Not much room left in there. Both are around 3lbs 11oz.

So anyway – I’m still feeling pretty good! I’m enjoying life, I’m enjoying the bump and I’m even enjoying work. Our C section is scheduled for 15 August and I’m  planning to work until the 8th or thereabouts. That gives me a few days to relax (ie, furiously clean the flat like a mad woman) before the babies arrive. Not that our flat needs cleaning…I’ve just heard that’s what you do when babies are imminent. We’ll see.

There’s a very good chance they may arrive early of course. Our doctor is very vague. He keeps mentioning that he doesn’t think we’ll make it to week 37. Why? I don’t really know. Possibly my mediocre cervix. Possibly because it’s twins and they are heavy. He’s told us to be vigilant and watch out for labour signs, then call him straight away. Rather exciting! I think he means proper labour signs though. Not my current minor ailments, which include sausage feet and cankles. ALL HAIL THE BIRKENSTOCK SANDAL.

A total stranger touched my bump today – a lady on the checkout at Marks and Spencer (middle class British food store – nice biscuits). It’s the first time anyone has asked, and I was so surprised that when she held out her hands and said ‘may I?’I just nodded yes. Rather bizarre. She’d already asked when I was due, and what I was expecting. She then said she had never ‘felt twins’ before and asked me exactly where they were so she could feel. Mad, right?! She was really happy. I just felt….weird. And happy that I’d made her happy. And then I walked away and couldn’t believe that I’d just let a random woman rub my belly like a lucky Buddha. Pregnancy hormones,ladies….makes you do some funny things.

10 thoughts on “32+ 4 weeks bumpity bumpe

  1. The EcoFeminist says:

    Woo hoo! Hey well at least she asked before reaching out for your belly! I have started thinking ahead in my own early early stages – of baby? No. I’m obsessing on what the hell kind of shoes will I be relegated to wearing in winter when I can no longer lace up shoes on my own. My husband says I’ll have to wear Ugh boots. Ugh is right. 🙂


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