I’m one of those….

….bloggers who disappear once their babies arrive. Yep, that’s me. If it makes you feel any better I haven’t been able to spend more than 3 minutes in the bathroom for the last  37 days though, and I currently have baby sick in my hair, on my jeans and on my shoulder. So yes..this blog has suffered accordingly.

I’m going to write a proper post soon. The twins are lovely, healthy and growing. Me on the other hand – well, I’ve been a bit of a wreck. The ‘baby blues’ hit me pretty hard in the first few weeks and I’ve been struggling with depression since the babies arrived. I’ve been to the doctor and am now on the loony pills – they are helping. Looking after twins is incredibly hard and it took me a while to work out that I was suffering from something more serious than tiredness. Anyway, things are improving and I’m doing ok. Crazy. Years of trying to conceive and now I’m like….WTF. Life, eh?! More to follow. In the meantime, a couple of pics.