Infertility Jargon

Do you like acronyms? I g.o.t  s.o.m.e

1dp5dt – 1 day past 5 day transfer etc

AF – Aunt Flo (period)

AFC – antral follicle count

AMH – count of anti-mullerian hormone, ie, remaining egg reserve

Beta – Blood test that measures the amount of HCG in your blood

BFN – big fat negative

BFP – big fat positive

DE – donor eggs

DEIVF – donor egg IVF

EC – egg collection

ET – egg transfer

FET – frozen egg transfer

Frosty – frozen embryo

HCG – pregnancy hormones

HPT – home pregnancy test

IF – infertility

OPK – ovulation predictor kit

POAS – pee on a stick (see HPT)

TTC – trying to conceive

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