Check out my stash….

… of neatly arranged IVF medication.


As arranged and photographed by my OCD-tastic partner in crime, Mr Husband.

So everything arrived today and we’re all ready to get back on the IVF bus, next stop pregnancy town. Let the waiting and worrying commence!

First mini hurdle will be the day 2 scan around the 29th June to see how many follicles I’m growing. Fingers crossed the DHEA has kicked in by then, watch this space.

Today I Will be Mostly Eating….


I’ve been thinking about things I can do to improve my lot in time for the next cycle of IVF. We’ll be getting started again in early July. That’s not a lot of time when it comes to ‘improving one’s lot’ from an IVF perspective. Do you know it takes 3 months to create an egg? Well, yes it does. So I’ve actually already made the eggs we’re going to use in early July. That doesn’t stop my brain from wanting to do SOMETHING though. So I’ve chosen two things, let’s hope they make a bit of a difference between now and then.

1. DHEA. I’ve started taking 75mg a day of this slightly scary supplement in addition to all my other supplements. Side effects include hair loss, irritability, anger and a booming voice. I’m worried I may turn into Mr Bronson but I’ve decided to go for it anyway. Studies show it can improve ovarian function, which sounds pretty damn good to me, hair loss or not.

2. Eating more protein and less carbs. This study shows an 80% improved pregnancy rate amongst women who eat 25% or more protein in their daily diet, and less than 40% carbs. Amazing right? Sign me up….

….I signed myself up a few days ago. Since then I’ve been keeping an online ‘food diary’ using the ‘My Fitness Pal’ app. I had no idea how hard it is to eat more protein. The first thing I noticed is that I really don’t eat that much. That is a very strange thing, because I feel like I eat loads and loads – yet I’m averaging less than 1200 calories a day. Really? Yes. My eyes are definitely bigger than my belly. I have a few mouthfuls and I’m done. This is going to become an issue, see below.

So there’s that. And then there’s eating more protein. I need to eat around 90g a day which is 30% of my daily diet. So far today I have eaten a yoghurt and some blueberries (6g protein), TWO hard boiled eggs (yuck, seriously?! 12g protein), a little big of salmon and some edamame (15g protein). I’m pretty full now. And I still have to eat another 55g of protein today. WTF? How can 2 eggs only be 12g of protein?

Anyway I can see the way this is going….


I guess I need to befriend the protein shake (25g  protein in one drink – hooray!). As I don’t eat much meat this is going to be tough. The low carbs thing is also hard. Do you realise there are carbs in everything? I think I may have to give up sugar, bread, rice, potatoes, fruit, booze and vegetables. Not quite sure what I am going to eat for the next few weeks but it may resemble something that Fred Flintstone would enjoy.

I really want to give it my best shot though. If it works, it’s worth it. Maybe I’ll develop some killer pecs in the interim. If you have any easy ways of eating high protein, low carbs in about 5 spoonfuls please let me know.