And so it begins! Again!

In the words of Mr Robert Plant – good times, bad times, you know I’ve had my share*. And I managed to have a pretty good share of both in the space of 12 hours today.

I kicked off my day with an early morning scan (‘dildocam’ ….sorry…..bad I know) to assess my antral follicle count. In my last cycle I had 7-8 follicles on day 2, pretty good for someone with my IVF history. This morning, after a good few minutes of rooting around to find my ovaries (is that good or bad?!), he counted 5 plus one small one. Not so good. I felt gutted. I’ve been taking DHEA for more than 2 months now along with all the new supplements. 5 follicles? Really? Is that all?

Anyway he took a blood sample and said that if my FSH level is 11 or more, we should cancel this month’s cycle and wait until August. He promised to ring between 6-7pm and I wandered off towards work, feeling disappointed and grim. What exactly is an FSH level? Surely mine will be crap, given that I seem to be mildly crap at everything IVF related?

I passed the day by doing my actual job that I am paid to do, and my part-time job which is Googling things about IVF, – ‘what is a good antral follicle count?’, ‘what is a good FSH?’, ‘how can I grow my follicles?’, ‘what is the highest FSH number you can have and IVF might work’, etc etc etc.

The day dragged on.

I walked home at 6pm clutching my phone in my sweaty little hand, staring at it forlornly every few minutes.

He rang at 6.59pm. My FSH is 7!  What  a relief – a piece of good news at last. That is actually a pretty good number.

So, despite my 5-6 follicles I am going ahead as planned. My hormone levels are good. Fingers crossed those follicles will grow nicely over the next week or so, and who knows, maybe a couple of new follicles might even appear. I did my first Menopur injection tonight and will go back for another scan on Saturday. I could do without another day like today – I think I like good news days and bad news days – not all news days.

* …well my woman left home for a brown eyed man, and I still don’t seem to care’ (that bit didn’t happen today)